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January 24, 2013
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Practice ended. A certain blond player wiped his sweat with a towel.

"Kyaaahhhhh~~~! Kise-kun~~~~!"

Kise sighed. It's the same everyday... With the same fangirls...

"Kise-kun~! You were really cool during practice today~!"

"Aha... Thank you... I really don't need all this praise..."

"You were pretty good... I've seen better though..." declared a voice.

The girls glared in the direction of the voice. "Who gave you the right to say that about Kise?!?"

Kise also let his gaze upon a (h/c) girl leaning against the walls crossing her arms. His cheeks tinted a shade of pink. "O-oh um... S-sorry for not being that good..."

"Hmph, try better with your position next time. It was way off." And with that, she walked off.

"Ugh! Who does she think she is?!?! Talking about Kise like that!!! Right Kise-kun? She was sooooo rude!"

Kise said nothing. There was only one thing on his mind: Who was that girl?
As lunch came, Kise was still wondering who that (h/c) haired girl was. She's amazing... She's nothing like those girls... She's so... Different...

As he was thinking about her, that girl was walking into the cafeteria.

Kise quickly looked up and walked over to the girl. "H-hey! You're that girl from earlier today right?"

"Yea. And you're that basketball player who had a bad position during practice."

Kise laughed. "I'm sorry... I'm not as good as the others..."

"You sure aren't." She went to sit down.

Kise tensed. So cruel...!


"... Huh?"

"My name is _____."

"Oh uh..."

She looked at him as if she waited for something. "Is that your name?"


"Then spit it out, Ikemen-kun."

"K-Kise Ryouta."

"Nice to meet you Kise."

He smiled. "Yea... You too."

He sat next to her. "So, _____, how do you know so much about basketball?"

The girl started eating and not saying a word.


"I heard you. I learned from my cousin who plays basketball. He taught me how to shoot, how to defend, how to dunk... Stuff like that."

"Oh I see..."

"You know... I like you."

He flushed a bright pink. "Y-you do...?"

"You're not half as bad as I thought you were."


"Yea." She finished eating and threw her trash away. Then she smiled. "You're alright Kise."
~~~Few weeks later~~~
"Hey, _____." some unfriendly voices called out.

She turned around. "Oh you're those girls that were around Kise a few weeks back."

"What is the relationship between you and Kise?" They surrounded _____.

"We're just friends, and now if you excuse me, I need to get to class..."

One of the girls pushed _____ back. Soon, _____ was being pushed by the girls around the circle.

It went on for a while when suddenly...

"Hey! Stop that!"

The girls stopped pushing and looked who called that out. Their eyes widened. "K-Kise!"

"Stop that now!" He genuinely looked angry and glared at the girls except _____.

The girls walked quickly away. Kise's gaze softened when he saw _____ on the floor, dizzy with confusion.

"_____, are you okay?"

She nodded. "Yea, thanks for the help Kise..." She tried getting up but fell back down.

Kise picked her up. "Come on _____. We'll be late for class..."

"Yea, I know..." The two started walking.


"Hm? Yes?"

_____ reached over and kissed Kise's cheek. His face became red as a tomato. "_-_____ what was t-that for...?"

"It's thanks for helping me out back there." She smiled. "You're alright... Ryouta."
This is a detailed version of a story me and my classmate thought up of. ;w;

There was 2 stories for Kise, so yea.

... Kiseeee~ *glomps him* >//w//<

First Story: [link]
Kise Ryouta (c) Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Story (c) Me
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